Liederen & Gebeden uit Iona & Glasgow
Liederen & Gebeden uit Iona & Glasgow
Uitgever: Gooi & Sticht Kampen
1e druk: 2003
Afkorting: Iona
Iona 1
Today I awake
♪ Today I awake
Iona 2
I owe my Lord a morning song
♪ I owe my Lord a morning song
Iona 3
Night has fallen
♪ Night has fallen
Iona 4
Silence, my soul
Iona 5
Christs is the world
Iona 6
Iona 7
All the wonder that surrounds us
Iona 8
Clap your hands, all you nations
Iona 9
Te ensalzaré, Sefior
Iona 10
Kyrie eleison gently
Iona 11
Kyrie eleison gently and forcefully
Iona 12
O Lord, my God
♪ O Lord, my God
Iona 13
Take, o take me as I am
Iona 14
Gloria, gloria, gloria
Iona 15
Glory to God
Iona 16
Inspired by love and anger
Iona 17
Goodness is stronger than evil
Iona 18
There is a line of women
Iona 19
We cannot measure how you heal
Iona 20
Jesus calls us here to meet Him
Iona 21
Oh where are you going?
Iona 22
God it was who said
Iona 23
No wind at the window
Iona 24
When Satan speaks
Iona 25
The God of all eternity
Iona 26
Why did you ignore Me?
Iona 27
I walked through lonley streets
♪ I walked through lonley streets
Iona 28
Christ has risen
Iona 29
She sits like a bird
Iona 30
From the falter of breath
♪ From the falter of breath
Iona 31
Love is the touch
Iona 32
Women and men as God intended
Iona 33
Kindle a flame
♪ Kindle a flame
Iona 34
Lord, draw near
Iona 35
I waited, I waited on the Lord
Iona 36
Lo, I am with you
Iona 37
Senzeni na?
Iona 38
Jesu tawa pano
Iona 39
In the warmth of the womb
Iona 40
Will you come and follow Me?
Iona 41
This is the body of Christ
Iona 42
One is the body ...
Iona 43
Iona 44
Take this moment, sign and space
Iona 45
Heaven shell noy wait
Iona 46
God to enfold you
Iona 47
The peace of the earth
Iona 48
Sent by the Lord
Iona 49
Sisters and brothers, with one voice
♪ Gelobt sei Gott im höchsten Thron
Iona 50
Thuma mina